FF STEEL is the largest and fastest re-rolling mill in Pakistan in terms of production capacity and rolling speed. Since its foundation in 1986, the company has excelled in the manufacturing of steel products by meeting International Standards. The Company takes pride not only in our technical superiority over other re-rolling mills but also in their quality assurance procedures and processes.

Salient Features:

  • In-house Material Testing Laboratory.
  • Only Deformed Grade-60 Bars are manufactured.
  • To ensure the production of quality products, all raw material (billets) are exclusively tested verified in our in-house Material Testing Laboratory, and then forwarded for production.
  • To show our dedication towards quality products, FF STEEL has acquired OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO: 14001:2004, ISO: 9001:2008 certification.


  • Android Application for Fast Sales Orders.
  • SAP Software for Business Operation and Customer Relationship.
  • SCADA System for Optimal Quality Production.
  • State of Art German Spectrometer Machine for Quality Control.
  • Controlled Warehouse Environment to preserve quality of bars at our Stockyard.
  • Automatic Cutting Bars to achieve accurate length.
  • Automatic Bundling Machine to achieve best Bundles Finish.
  • CNC Machining of Ribs to achieve highest quality of Bars Finish.
  • Hot Charging through Continuous Casting Machine to achieve best microstructure.