FF STEEL’s Workplace and the pandemic

The recent pandemic and lockdown has changed the world and affected the economy for a longer run. Coronavirus has resulted in losing numerous human lives in a very short period. Which led the extension of lockdown further. That is because the magnitude of this spread is very high. 

New studies have shown that most of the time coronavirus patient doesn’t show any symptoms of the virus which make this virus more deadly. That is why so many precautionary measures are taken worldwide and the lockdown is still implemented.

As the lockdown continues to affect our lives and the businesses, it also has a bad impact on the economy of Pakistan, hence the government has given economic relief packages to different sectors for better results and maximum output. 

The government has decided to allow different key sectors to start operating. As soon as the KP government announced for the construction industry to resume its operations, it became very important to introduce new SOP’s to prevent any risk of coronavirus which follows a thorough precautionary measure plan.

FF steel has made sure that all the precautions are to be followed and every possible risk of getting the virus is avoided. Until now there have been no positive cases of coronavirus reported in FF steel because the following precautionary steps have been implemented.

Half of the employees are assigned to work from home and the rest are working in the offices. Employees above fifty or having any medical condition are not allowed to come to the offices because they are more vulnerable to the virus. 

Circles have been created around the office to maintain a safe distance and to avoid creating a crowded area. All the employees are provided with hand sanitizers, face masks and hand gloves.

Disinfection tunnels have been installed in the entrance to assure the safety of our employees, the temperature is checked at the entrance and anyone with temperature flu or cough is not allowed to enter the premises.

Inside the workplace it is made sure that employees maintain a distance of 6 feet (1.83 m).

Separate water dispensers, tea, and lemon are provided to help keep the immunity of employees strong, everyone uses personal cups to lower the risk of spreading the virus. 

The Cafeteria is the most crowded area during lunch breaks, now it is made sure that the staff is provided with food in their departments, sitting area in the cafeteria is turned into one person per table so everyone can sit separately, all workers in the cafeteria take care of all the precautionary measures and hygiene very strictly. 

Within the production area it is considered as our high priority to disinfect every vehicle, machinery and production mill to make sure the safety of all the workers. 

Meanwhile, quizzes are taken from the employees regarding recent pandemic to aware every individual about the risks of coronavirus and the precautionary measures they should take in general and in the workplace.

Due to FF STEEL’s forthcoming, there are no cases of coronavirus and we continue to make sure that all the necessary measures will be taken which are advised by WHO and our Health organizations.