Essential industries during the Pandemic

The global lockdown due to the outbreak of the coronavirus has led to a major economic turmoil all around the world. Operations of many multinational companies got affected and were forced to lay employees off.

The shutdown of businesses led to a decrease in income. That means less investment in construction or building new projects. The ones which were in the process of being constructed are now postponed. This, in turn, affected the steel industry as demand diminished. At the same time, the government had ordered the closure of all the industries including the steel industry.

The government of Pakistan Imposed a lock down after a rapid spread of the virus In major cities of the country. The economy came to a halt and everyday businesses were shut down. Restrictions were imposed on movement and gatherings. Development was on a standstill and that left a heavy toll on the country. After realizing how important the development sector is for the economy, a wise plan was made to resume the construction industry.

Pakistan’s government loosened restrictions on a few industries across the country. The Prime Minister announced that the construction industry would be the foremost that would reopen.  With The construction industry the steel industry revived as well.

The reopening of businesses and industries considered essential not only increased income for those who were a part of the industry but also restarted the economy which had stopped altogether during the lockdown.

Pakistan is a developing nation, and in such a nation majority of its workforce is daily waged. The lockdown had disastrous consequences on such workers. The resumption of industries was welcomed by this segment of society.

The government imposed strict standard operating procedures and measures on the industries which were resuming production as well as on the businesses which had reopened. Emphasis was given to the health and safety of employees. Strict guidelines were made on the following:

  • Travel history
  • Current health and symptoms
  • Corona patients in the immediate family
  • Social distancing inside the office
  • The use of sanitizers
  • Washing of hands for 20 seconds after every 2 hours
  • Work from home
  • Meetings through a video call
  • The use of face masks and gloves
  • Fever monitoring

If these guidelines are ignored and not implemented, the situation will get worse. The virus will spread like wildfire and contaminate all the workspaces including the essential industries which are needed to keep the country running. The country was on a lockdown previously and the economy nearly came to a halt. If things get worse then difficult decisions would be needed to curtain the virus which may even lead to complete curfews.

People need to realize how costly this pandemic can end up being if it’s not taken seriously. Countries in Europe are a prime example of how severe this virus can end up being if it’s taken lightly.

So far, the decision by the government to reopen the construction looks fruitful. The economy is no longer in a risk of a downfall. Construction industry is a major sector of the economy and this sector will surely set the country on the right direction. Let’s hope that people adhere to the policies of the government and take care during the pandemic so that the virus may not spread again and the government is not forced to take such drastic decisions of imposing any further lockdowns.