How different sectors and government in Pakistan are responding to the recent spread of coronavirus

World health organization has declared COVID-19 (coronavirus) as a pandemic, a total of 135 countries have reported on Coronavirus outbreak. Pakistan was the 48th country to report and the last country to be reported from our region. Pakistan currently has more than 500 – 800 confirmed tested and verified cases but the numbers are increasing every day of this pandemic in Pakistan and around the world.

The outbreak was declared a Public Health Emergency by the World health organization, in response to this global emergency PM Imran Khan called an emergency meeting.

National Security Committee and Military’s top brass discusses COVID-19 developments in Corps Commanders Conference and came up with some instant measures to control this outbreak in the country.

To control this pandemic government has closed International land borders and will be completely closed for the next 15 days. International flight arrival and departure will only be possible in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi after 15 days only if an effective screen process is integrated.

All the public gatherings and events will be avoided which include more than 10 people.

Various education systems like city school have started online classes, all the companies are taking precautionary measures and few of them have started to provide online services.

NADRA also encouraged people to stay at home and use their online service.

In response to this global pandemic, FF STEEL has also taken proactive steps. They also provide online services to their clients, the first steel industry to provide steel online. So no one has to go out of their homes through any panic and hassle. Anyone can get their steel online delivered within 24 working hours at their site.

Common symptoms of COVID-19
Fever                                 87.9%
Fatigue                             38.1%
Diarrhea                           3.7%
Headache                        13.6%
Dry cough                        67.7%
Sore throat                      13.6%
Cough with mucus         33.4%
Difficulty breathing        18.6%
Muscle & joint pain        14.8%
Nausea and vomiting     5%
Low body temperature  11.4%
Important Precautions
Wash your hands
Avoid close contact
Throw used tissues
Use a hand sanitizer
Stay home if you’re sick
Stay Clean and disinfect
Cover coughs and sneezes
Wear a face mask if you are sick
Things not to do
Do not stress
Avoid shaking hands
Avoid crowded places
Avoid unnecessary travel
Avoid any physical contact
Do not hoard grocery items
Do not go to large gatherings