Construction Industry on the right path in the year 2020-2021

The construction industry is known to be the backbone of every economy worldwide and when the construction industry is on the rise, it usually signals a growing economy. Pakistan’s economy is slowly improving and different measures are being taken to enhance the construction sector. The policies of the current government specifically after COVID19 look promising. Some of these policies were announced in the budget while others were announced in the Finance Bill. Policies made in the budget ……………..

Published : 04:00 PM / 29 July 2020


Technology has always brought gradual but remarkable developments within each industry in every nation. Some nations were more comfortable with accepting change whereas others were reluctant. As time passed by, people in Pakistan adopted different ways to generate income ……………..

Published : 05:00 PM / 17 June 2020

FF STEEL’s Workplace and the pandemic

The recent pandemic and lockdown has changed the world and affected the economy for a longer run. Coronavirus has resulted in losing numerous human lives in a very short period. Which led the extension of lockdown ……………..

Published : 11:00 AM / 05 May 2020

Essential industries during the Pandemic

The global lockdown due to the outbreak of the coronavirus has led to a major economic turmoil all around the world. Operations of many multinational companies got affected and were forced to lay employees off. The shutdown of businesses led to a decrease ……………..

Published : 09:00 AM / 27 April 2020

Effects of COVID-19 (Corona virus) on the steel industry.

Steel is used everywhere as in today’s time, construction cannot be done without the use of steel. Global demand of steel is very high and producers are competing to match the demand. 1,869.9 million tons of crude steel was produced in the world in 2019. Production increased by 3.4% when ……………..

Published : 07:00 PM / 30 March 2020

Recent spread of coronavirus

World health organization has declared COVID-19 (coronavirus) as a pandemic, a total of 135 countries have reported on Coronavirus outbreak. Pakistan was the 48th country to report and the last country to be reported from our region. Pakistan currently has more than ……………..

Published : 07:00 PM / 30 March 2020