Technology has always brought gradual but remarkable developments within each industry in every nation. Some nations were more comfortable with accepting change whereas others were reluctant.

As time passed by, people in Pakistan adopted different ways to generate income and accept changes brought by global trends. It was hard for them at first but now majority of the consumers are comfortable and have shifted towards usage of technology and E-commerce in their daily business. A few months back, a leading steel industry emerged as pioneers in online steel selling and brought a considerable change in steel markets in Pakistan.

With time, online shopping became a norm. A nation where online consumerism was once scarce and discouraged, now became highly dependent on online services.

All major companies nationwide started incorporating use of online services into their day to day activities. With this, companies opened a completely new avenue for themselves.  Whether it was purchasing fabric products or acquiring machinery for industries, the range of products had diversified.
Leading companies of the construction industry including, paint, cement, MDF as well as the steel industry started focusing on their online operations.
Building material industry entered the digital world and make it extremely convenient for clients to procure all of their construction needs online and get them delivered to their door step.

With the recent pandemic going on worldwide, consumers’ only choice was to rely on online purchasing, which allowed different sectors to explore and expand their services on a digital side.

It was amazing to witness how e-commerce had evolved in Pakistan day by day at a very rapid pace, if a country’s construction industry is going upwards and doing well, consequently country’s economy would flourish as well.

Over the recent few months, FF STEEL had introduced online order of grade 60 rebar and it already started creating waves in the construction industry across Pakistan. They made it extremely convenient for all categories to get their steel within 24 hours and 365 days a year. Whether it was a megaproject or a small household requirement, consumers needed not to worry about going out and finding the right product. The company’s digital storefront would guide its consumers and connect them right away with their required demand.

In future, every economic or non-economic operation would be digitalized, which would not only show progress of a country but also making people more aware than ever before. Ecommerce has helped large businesses who operate nationwide and at the same time, startups to grow which not only contributed towards a good economy but also enhance independence for young entrepreneurs.

This era will be the era of internet and Pakistan is also adopting it gradually. With correct intent and approach for this recent technology, we can be assured that growth of industries such as the construction industry, which is the backbone of an economy, will remain successful and will flourish our economy in future.