The Company

FF Steel is a fully-integrated and one of the fastest growing and largest steel manufacturers of Pakistan with the capability to produce grades 60 exclusively and 80 solely, sold around Pakistan and exploring potential to export in ASEAN Countries due to its close proximity.

Since its foundation in 1986, the company has excelled in the manufacturing of steel products complying with international standards like ASTM 615, ASTM 706 & BSI 4449.

FF Steel is having a workforce of 1000+ employees throughout Pakistan with 2 large scale production units situated in Peshawar and Lahore with an annual production capacity of 400,000 tons.

FF Steel has developed an enviable reputation of delivering premium quality steel bars in Pakistan, driven by its strong demand in construction steels. Our ambition is to be the number one and preferred manufacturer of premium quality, competitive and cost-optimized steel bars in Pakistan.

Stronger and Safer Pakistan
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Founder / Chairman
Nauman Wazir Khattak

“I had a dream; most of which I have successfully achieved. Professionalism at its peak in every department of our company; where every individual looks forward to their work the next day. A dream company led by a dream CEO who has the potential to lead the company to its zenith not only in Pakistan but globally. Humility, fair play, integrity, and respect for all irrespective of their gender cast, creed or stature, is the hallmark of the company. Acquisition of the latest technology spun at places with labour intensive processes, mingled with appropriate technology has resulted in the highest productivity in the steel sector of the world. Simultaneously resulting in lower, sustainable, production cost and subsequent excellent profitability to the company’s shareholders. The FF team as part of its CSR takes pride in providing extreme high value to its clients, vendors, investors, and the community. Our patriotism is second to none in Pakistan”.


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