Our Products :

Deformed Steel Bars :
After the October 8 2005 earthquake, FF STEEL took upon itself to provide the...

TMT Steel Bars :
Thermo Mechanically Treated Steel rebars is the latest venture of the company;

Wire Rod :
The mill has the capability
of producing wirerods of different size ranging...

Bailing Hoops :
Bailing Loop is used for the wrapping and packaging of ginned cotton.

The Cheif Executive's Message :

Mr. Nauman Wazir :

After the 8th October 2005 Earth Quake, we took it incumbent upon us to provide quality steel products to the construction industry....We are proud of our capacity however what we are more proud of, is our diversified product line. We with our four major product lines (which can further be classified into many subcategories) have achieved what only few others have been able to achieve.....Read more...