Corporate Entity :

FF-STEEL is very proud of being one of very few in the steel industry with a proper corporate setup. Proper departmentalization, hierarchy and systems are defined and followed. Whenever and wherever FF-STEEL representative is dealing with you or your company, you can rest assured that there is whole setup to back up the said person.

Product diversification was the key to departmentalization, which led to the current corporate setup. With four different major products, FF-STEEL is essentially a part of four different industries; each with its own technicalities and art. The marketing and supply chain of these four different products is essentially very different. As a result, different teams and personal have to handle different product markets.

To ensure merit based incentive; proper employee evaluation system have been setup. This end-of-the year employee evaluation system judges the employee from all angles, in what is called a 360 degrees employee evaluation system. Views of the employee’s progress are taken from colleagues, subordinates and supervisors. Furthermore, to regularize procedures, proper meeting are held on regular basis on different aspects of the company and running.

FF-STEEL recognized the fact that the employees also have a share in the profits and earnings of the company. For this purpose employee motivation functions are held on a regular basis. This is to make sure that the employees have a greater association with the company and its integrity; compared to employees whose only incentive is salary alone. FF-STEEL is proud of the dedication of its employees and their contribution to the company on a whole.