Wire Rod :

FF-STEEL is one of the only two rolling mills in Pakistan with the capability of producing 5.5 mm wire rod. We proudly claim to be the fastest re-rolling mill in Pakistan with a rolling speed of 101.7 km/hour. With six 250 HP DC motor driven rolling mill stands in our finishing section and the high rolling speed, we have the capability of producing the finest quality wire rod available in Pakistan . FF-STEEL also has the longest coil size compared to other re-rolling mills in Pakistan; resulting less inconvenience to the industrial users of wire-rod. All wire-rod is made from Pakistan Steel Mills billets, as no compromise on quality is made. FF-STEEL can rightfully claim to produce a share of 50% of the wire-rod being produced in Pakistan.

Wire-rod is an industrial product. Many of our down-stream industrial customer use wire-rod from FF-STEEL to make welding electrodes, nuts, bolts, screws, barbed-wire, shoe-buckles, rivets, binding wire and many other such material. Simply any steel product which is finer than 5.5 mm is made using wire-rod. So the next time you see steel product less than 5.5 mm, changes are one out of two that it can be traced back to FF-STEEL’s wire-rod.

FF-STEEL has the capability of making wire-rod of the following specifications:

5.5 mm
2050 Feet
6.35 mm
1550 Feet
8.0 mm
1000 Feet
9.0 mm
760 Feet
10.0 mm
620 Feet
12.0 mm
425 Feet

To cater for varied customer needs, FF-STEEL has introduced different brands of wire-rods. These different brands have different chemical compositions and thus different physical properties. FF-WR-08 is recommended for downstream industries making welding rods, nuts, bolts and screws; while FF-WR-10 is recommended for downstream industries making shoe-buckles, barbed-wire, rivets and binding wire.

....Chemical Properties (Reference Standard JIS G 3505-80)
Grade C (Max.) Mn P (Max) S (Max)
FF-WR-8 0.10 (max) 0.60 (max) 0.045 0.045
FF-WR-10 0.08 to 0.13 0.30 to 0.60 0.045 0.045
FF-WR-12 0.10 to 0.15 0.30 to 0.60 0.045 0.045
FF-WR-24 0.25 CE = 0.42 0.05 0.05

....Physical Properties (Reference Standaed JIS G 3505-80)
Grade Yield Strength (MPA) Tensile Strength (MPA) Elongation
FF-WR-8 150 to170 195 30%
FF-WR-10 180 to 200 230 28%
FF-WR-12 200 to 220 250 26%
FF-WR-24 240 390 to 530 24%