Research / Industry Accademia Linkages :

FF-STEEL is one of the premier steel re-rolling mills in Pakistan which has take bold steps toward the development of the steel sector via research and experimentation. FF-STEEL also takes pride in its relation with the academia. Over the year we have developed strong linkages with the universities in our locality as well as other localities around the country. In developing the new technology of TMT Steel, UET Peshawar played a pivotal role. Later on the practical experience and learning was converted to pure academic research paper, which is the development of TMT Steel in FF-STEEL by the dean of the Mechanical Engineering Department Mr. A. Irfan Mufti.

When the idea of TMT Steel first dawned upon the management of FF-STEEL, everyone unanimously agreed to the development and introduction of the technology into Pakistan. Quickly our research team was on its way to India where TMT Steel had substantially developed and was widely being produced and sold. Within their third visit to various re-rolling mills around India, the management of FF STEEL was convinced that TMT Steel was going to be the future of steel throughout the world. It was from there onwards that the TMT steel venture of FF-STEEL was begun with full vigor and energy

In Pakistan TMT Steel was a whole new ball game. There were no technicians or engineers who had worked on the said technology. Not a singe person of the steel industry could grasp the concept let alone work on it independently. For this very reason FF-STEEL involved the academia. Mr. Irfan Mufti, Dean Mechanical Engineering, UET Peshawar was gracious enough to lead the research team himself. It was through a series of hard long production sessions at the re-rolling mill that at the end of two and half months of experimentation, finally TMT Steel was produced. A steel bar with a strength above 550 MPA (Grade 75) and an elongation of greater than 18 %.

It was once again the vision of Mr. Irfan Mufti and his team that a paper was developed on this very exciting and interesting linkage between the industry and academia. It was this very project, that was taken as the pilot project in the 3rd Annual Industry Meets-Academia conference held in Pearl Continental Peshawar. Where other were discussing future concepts and ideas, FF-STEEL and UET Peshawar, could proudly say that they had successfully completed one such venture. A paper on the development to TMT steel in FF-STEEL is yet to be published. It is going to touch all the technical aspects of the venture and the findings from all the experimentation done at the factory. Mr. M. A. Irfan Mufti is the lead author of the paper. Co-authors of the paper were Mr. Nauman Wazir, CEO FF-STEEL, Mr. M. Usman khan, Department of Mechanical Engineering, UET Peshawar and Mr. Zarak K. Khattak, Director, FF-STEEL.