Quality Assurance :

We at FF-STEEL strongly believe that production of quality products is the key to success. Since our production capacity of 300 tons per month in 1988 to our current capacity of 9000 tons per month, we have always produced quality products. Our quality policy is as follows:

             To continuously improve our products to better satisfy the needs of our
             customers and to deliver them on time defect free products.

FF-STEEL is amongst the very few steel re-rolling mills in Pakistan, which has an in house operational Material Testing Laboratory. With equipments to test both physical and chemical properties, we are always able to provide our clients with quality products. An initial screening process is done at the start of every shift for complete control over the quality of products. The Chief Executive personally ensures that the quality records are documented for every production run. Keeping records of the dimension and parameters of each and every product piece is next to impossible. Staying within the limits of practicality and far ahead of any steel re-rolling mill in Pakistan, material testing is done every half an hour, which itself is an achievement as far as the senior management is concerned.

To ensure quality products, one must ensure quality raw material. FF-STEEL has no compromise as far as procurement of raw material is concerned. All raw materials are procured from Pakistan Steel Mills (PSM) only. To further ensure quality of the raw materials procured, the mill report of each lot is demanded from PSM and verified. We have since 2007 been amongst the top three purchasers from PSM and have good long term relationship with PSM.

Being an automatic re-rolling mill, FF-STEEL has a clear-cut advantage over all other manual mills. The steel bars during processing are not exposed to the bare ground, instead proper channels and conveyers are designed for each and every pass. Furthermore once the size is set, the pass design does not deviate from the nominal size up till a minimum of 100 tons.

Pass-design is the backbone of re-rolling. It has to be ensured that the same amount of reduction is taking place at all passes. Unfortunately most, if not all, re-rolling mills in Pakistan, only check the pass size of the last pass. At FF-STEEL we check the pass sizes of all passes. whether roughing, intermediate or finishing mill. This in turn results in superior quality products in terms of size; however this practice shows its results most of all in elongation of the end product. Most of these passes are checked at regular intervals; however to ensure superior quality, samples from at least two passes are taken each and every bar.

To further systemize and organize procedures, FF-STEEL applied for ISO 9000:2000 certification in April 2007 . Due to the already streamlined procedures and systems, this was duly awarded within a short span of time. Thus now FF-STEEL can proudly claim to be the only re-rolling mill to have an ISO 9000:2000 certification (Certificate # 04-A-07-QMS 0054) for Manufacturers of Deformed Grade 60 Bars and Thermo-Mechanically-Treated (TMT) Steel Bars.

In April 2008, after a long and extensive examination by the Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA), FF-STEEL was awarded the conformance certificate for its ASTM-706 Steel Bars. (Certificate # CSDC/L-019/2008). PSQCA accredited FF-STEEL the license to manufacture ASTM-706 Steel Bars (License # CM/L-1968/2008). This was PSQCAs first and till date only certification and license for ASTM-706 Steel Bars in Pakistan.

Our devotion to quality can be seem from the fact that we only manufacture Deformed Grade 60 Bars or TMT Steel Bars, and no Grade 40 or commercial bars are manufactured at FF-STEEL.