Milestones and Achievements :

In 1999, FF-STEEL indigenously started to setup a fully automatic re-rolling mill for wire-rod production with a capacity of 200 tone par day. This project was completed in 2001 and it was the first of its kind in Pakistan. In the same year the then Production Manager of FF-STEEL Mr. Javed Baloch was awarded the best skilled labor of the year in the industrial machinery by the President of Pakistan Mr. Pervez Musharaf for setting up this very re-rolling mill.

In 2004 after almost 2 years of successful production bailing hoop, FF-STEE with its low cost of production and more than competitive price, was able to gain monopoly in the bailing hoops market of Pakistan. With the effects that all previous factories producing bailing hoops closed down due to the large production capacity, low cost and aggressive market strategies of FF-STEEL.

Late in 2006, FF-STEEL installed a 195 feet long waking beam cooling bed. The waking beam technology is the most advanced and recommended technology for tempering and cooling of steel bars. By this method it is ensured that bars are perfectly straight and have no bends or week links left within them. The 195 feet long walking beam cooling bed is the longest cooling bed at the moment in Pakistan. It is only one of the two cooling beds available in this new and recommended technology.

In April 2007, FF-STEEL after successfully producing Thermo-Mechanically-Treated (TMT) Steel, become the pioneer in production as well as commercial selling of TMT steel. This was possible through the efforts of our foreign consultants, our capable production team and our competent vendors. Mr. Said Agha, the then Production Manager was duly awarded the best skilled labor of the year in the industrial machinery by the Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Shuakat Aziz in 2007.

At the moment, FF-STEEL has the rolling capacity of 330 tons per day, which makes it the largest rolling mill in Pakistan. Furthermore the rolling speed at FF-STEEL is 28.25 meters per seconds (101.7 kilometer per hour), which again is the fastest rolling speed amongst all rolling mills in Pakistan .We at FF-STEEL are proud to be one of the only two manufacture of 5.5 mm wire-rod, a very fine size. FF-STEEL is the first and currently the only steel re-rolling mill in Pakistan to be accredited by the Government of Pakistan via Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA) with the conformance certificate and license for manufacturing ASTM-706 Steel Bar. At the moment no other organization in Pakistan has the capability to produce ASTM-706 Steel Bars.