Deformed Steel :

After the 8th October 2005 earthquake, FF STEEL took upon itself to provide the builders, constructors and consultants with quality steel. With this goal in mind, in April 2007 FF STEEL came into production of Deformed Steel Bars of Grade-60. Our commitment to quality can be seen from the fact that we only manufacture Grade 60 Deformed Steel Bars. Our rated capacity of 330 tones per day makes us the biggest re-rolling mill in Pakistan at the moment. The high production insures that all supplies to our clients are met effectively. Our mill comprises of 3 automatic mills working in coherence with each other resulting in exact size using ball bearing tandem mill stands; making near perfect sizes as per the demands of the customers with no divergence from the nominal sizes. In an effort to produce quality steel bars, we have set up a 195 feet long walking beam cooling bed. This is currently the largest cooling bed in Pakistan; producing near perfect straight bars. Our semi automatic cutting machine at the end of the cooling bed insures proper cut to size steel bars.

Matching the quality which was currently available in Pakistan was only one part of the game; superseding the quality available in Pakistan was our final aim. Pass design is the major player during re-rolling. To ensure excellent quality re-rolling, the size of billet after each and every pass has to be checked on regular basis. Unfortunately no one to our knowledge followed these principles. At FF-STEEL the sizes of majority passes are checked on regular intervals of half an hour. However this too was not enough for our technically capable team and now equipment is installed as to check the pass size at least at two places for each and every steel bar. This result in better elongation which is always our aim as elongation is a major player in events of natural disasters.

FF-STEEL has the capability of making deformed steel bar of the following sizes. 
> Grade 60 (ASTM 615) 10 mm to 40 mm (60,000 psi)
> Grade 460 (BS 4449:1997) 10 mm to 40 mm (66,000 psi)

FF-STEEL has the capability of making plan steel bar of the following sizes.
> Grade 60 (ASTM 615) 10 mm to 40 mm (60,000 psi)
> Grade 460 (BS 4449:1997) 10 mm to 40 mm (66,000 psi)

All deformed and plain bars would meet BS 4449:1997. Please note that BS 4449:1997 specify
the bars to be of 460 MPA or 65,000 psi. It is thus the most suitable standard to be followed in quake
prone areas.

Furthermore BS 4449:1997 has become the Pakistan standard for seismic zones 2 and above.

....Chemical Properties (Reference Standard BS 4449:1997)
C (Max.)
CE (Max.)
Si (Max.)
P (Max.)
S (Max.)

....Physical Properties (Reference Standard BS 4449:1997)
FF-Grade-60 465 495 14