The Chief Executive's Message :

Firstly, I would like to thank you for taking interest in our Company FF-STEEL and its products.

It is with great pride and honor that we claim FF-STEEL as the largest steel re-rolling mill in Pakistan. In a short span of mere two decades it is great achievement for me and my team. We are honored that our efforts have been recognized by many including our worthy clients, the Government of Pakistan, different agencies, consulting bodies and other stake holders. This could not have been possible without the efforts of my ever dedicated and hard-working team. At this point of time, I would like to appreciate their sincere efforts and thank them for their commendable services.

FF-STEEL at the moment with its 330 tons rolling capacity per day, can rightly claim to be the largest re-rolling mill in Pakistan in terms of production capacity. We are proud of our capacity however what we are more proud of, is our diversified product line. We with our four major product lines (which can further be classified into many subcategories) have achieved what only few others have been able to achieve. Our re-rolling mill is followed by 195 feet long walking beam cooling bed; this huge investment was done only for the purpose of production of quality products.

Since the beginning, we have believed in making institution rather than individuals. FF-STEEL is based on a corporate setup rather than a one man show. Our two Production Managers have been awarded National Awards from the President of Pakistan Mr. Pervez Musharaf (2001) and Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Shaukat Aziz (2007).

After the 8th October 2005 Earth Quake, we took it incumbent upon us to provide quality steel products to the construction industry. This led us to TMT steel venture. Although widely used around the world in construction industry, TMT steel was yet to be introduced into Pakistan. We at FF-STEEL took the initiative and introduced what is going to be the future of the steel industry in Pakistan, TMT steel. Through this technique of steel bars production, we can ensure that quality products are produced consistently.

Being a social responsible Company, we at FF-STEEL have initiated many programs to help the environment and society around us. Our cooling water recycling system and heat exchangers in the furnace section is reflective of our concern for the environmental and sustainable development in the industrial sector. The efforts of FF-STEEL’s team put in during the 8th October 2005 earthquake, much for us being a socially responsible company.

I hope you find us worthy business partner in procurement of quality steel products.